About the Book

The Autistic Author and Animator is a Mother’s view of her daughter’s journey with Autism. This heartfelt story relays the importance of perseverance, courage, and strength within a mother-daughter-bond as their journey’s intertwine-revealing a mother who was her daughter’s rock right from the beginning and did everything in her power to help her daughter see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. It is a striking narrative that illustrates one’s full potential- a testament that autism is not barrier to success and fulfillment.  Showing the unconditional love of a family, a dream team of professionals, school teachers, friends and last but not least the silent hero, Jenny’s dog, Mr. Sparkles. That Autism is not a Death Sentence, so to speak, but can be a rich fulfilled Life Sentence, so to speak. Jenny is living proof and a role model of this. We have readers saying to us, “Wow, to see all that Jenny went through and to see where she is now, what is stopping us, we want to do a Jenny.”  This book and her journey, not only inspires the Autistic Community, it inspires each and every one of us.   It is a best seller.